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CVille Restaurant Week raises over $9K for VIA Playground

Posted Jerry Miller Feb 15, 2013

On Monday, February 18, 2013, Charlottesville’s most notable restaurant owners will gather on the playground at the Virginia Institute of Autism school campus to present the school with a check for more than $9,000 and to celebrate the first-ever Charlottesville Restaurant Week organized by local restaurant and business owners. Read more

VMV Brands Launches Charlottesville Restaurant Week!

Posted Jerry Miller Dec 21, 2012

We at VMV Brands are excited to be launching Charlottesville Restaurant Week. The hard work and long hours have paid off, the website is up and running and we are moving ahead full tilt. Read more

The Future Of Digital And Social Media

Posted Jerry Miller Nov 16, 2012

On Friday November 30, Mashable will be holding the ‘Mashable Media Summit’ at The TimesCenter in NYC. This summit will be held to discuss the future of this ever-changing world of technology that is Social Media. Among the guests will be speakers from Google, the Financial Times and New York Magazine. Read more

Facebook Strategies For Your Business (First 120 Days)

Posted Jerry Miller Nov 12, 2012

As you begin your journey into optimizing your social media and Facebook footprints, it’s important to set goals and establish an itinerary to drive the most ROI possible to your business. To help you, we have developed and perfected a Facebook strategy cheat-sheet. These tips will immediately help your business optimize its Facebook marketing channel. Read more

Establish These Facebook Foundations For Business Success

Posted Jerry Miller Nov 6, 2012

With more than 1.1 billion people using the platform every month, Facebook marketing is a small business must! Add the emerging mobile marketplace – 610 million people use Facebook on a mobile platform every month – and you can see why Facebook is revolutionizing the small business landscape. Read more

Why Should My Company Use Social Media? Here’s Why!

Posted Jerry Miller Nov 2, 2012

Everyday it seems like I’m asked to describe the true potential of social media and digital marketing when harnessed strategically and consistently by business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit and government agency executives, real estate agents and other professionals. My ears always perk-up when this conversation arises at tailgate, cocktail parties and charity events. Over time, I formulated a list that I could readily provide. Here is where I am so far: Read more

vmv brands: Free Tool For Calculating Facebook Ad Spend

Posted Jerry Miller Nov 1, 2012

Social media marketing firm Syncapse has come out with a free tool for helping businesses figure out how much to spend on Facebook ads. Read more

vmv brands: Use Facebook Timelines To Optimize Your Brand

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 31, 2012

As a full-service advertising and solutions agency, part of our job is helping our clients grow brand awareness to help capture valuable market-share and drive incremental revenue. One way we maximize brand awareness is through designing and executing an optimized Facebook timeline, specifically the cover photo + profile picture. A sharply designed Facebook cover photo + profile pic will strategically convey your brand’s message, image, product line and philosophies. Read more

vmv brands: Social Media Helping Push Today’s Youth To The Polls

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 30, 2012

Young people today are being reminded now more than ever how important it is to vote. Facebook and other social media platforms have a great deal to do with this because the 18-22 voting demographic sees political messages with increased frequency through its social media network. Read more

VMV Brands President Gives Keynote to Virginia Business Owners

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 29, 2012

Jerry Miller, president of VMV Brands, a full-service advertising and solutions agency based in Charlottesville, VA, was honored to be the Keynote speaker at the 2012 Virginia Business Owners Association banquet held at City Space in downtown Charlottesville. Read more

vmv brands: How Secure Is Your Info On Social Media Platforms?

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 26, 2012

It was recently revealed that a Bulgarian blogger bought a list of over one million Facebook users’ IDs and email addresses… for $5. Read more

vmv brands: Who Ranks Atop the Social Media Food Chain?

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 25, 2012

In a recent survey it’s not hard to guess who came out on top among teens. Facebook beat Twitter by a small margin. The two did considerably better than Google+. Read more

vmv brands: Number of Active Facebook Users Over the Years

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 24, 2012

Facebook says it now has 1.01 billion people using the site each month, consistent with a status update CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a few weeks ago to mark the 1 billion threshold. Read more

vmv brands: Get To Know Our Agency!

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 23, 2012

Our client roster features an array of business partners including an East-Coast powerhouse and many Charlottesville and Richmond-based workhorses that embody the essence of small business success. vmv brands works with everyone from up-and-coming start-ups to well established businesses who need help with optimizing digital and traditional marketing solutions to drive incremental revenues. Read more

vmv brands: Which Social Media Platform Should My Business Use?

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 22, 2012

Many business owners are asking this question as they look into the future of business advertising and how best to promote their brand to a world that is increasingly tech-savvy. Read more

vmv brands: Social Media Horror Stories Start Here

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 19, 2012

As far as social media horror stories are concerned, there are a few gateways that ignite disaster. When managing your personal or business brand, avoid these pitfalls at all cost. Read more

vmv brands: Upcoming Social Media & Digital Marketing Seminars

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 18, 2012

We all had a fantastic time at the ‘Social Media & Digital Marketing 101’ workshop this Tuesday. Thanks go out to our guests, Evan Mook of Suzuki Piano School, Annick Avera Salomon of The Wedding Planner Magazine, Dr. Gretchen Beck & Vanessa Schroeder of Blue Ridge Allergy & Asthma for being such a joy to teach. We’re eagerly awaiting next week’s round of seminars. Read more

VMV brands: Social Media & Digital Marketing seminars

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 17, 2012

We had another extremely successful workshop yesterday and we would like to thank our participants for a wonderful time. They picked up the material quickly and had many insightful questions. Read more

1 Seat Left in VMV’s “Social Media & Digital Marketing 101” Seminar.

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 15, 2012

Sign Up Now!

We have have had much success with our Social Media & Digital Marketing seminars. Our clients have learned a great deal about maximizing their social media potential using these incredible tools that are entirely free. Read more

VMV brands: Social Media & Digital Marketing 101

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 12, 2012

We had a very successful workshop yesterday. Our three guests- Bridgewater Smith, Deborah C. Benz and Garnett Falls- were attentive and a joy to teach. We hope to have them back soon for the next series of workshops. Read more

VMV brands: VIDEO- Useful Facebook Strategies

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 11, 2012

This informative video explains how you, the business owner, can take full advantage of social media to grow your business and increase your revenue. Read more

VMV brands: Temptations of Social Media & Digital Marketing

Posted Jerry Miller Oct 10, 2012

A recent study in Germany showed that, of all of the impulses that drive our daily lives- eating, drinking, smoking, sex- the temptation to check social media may trump them all. Read more