Facebook Strategies For Your Business (First 120 Days)

Posted by Jerry Miller Nov 12, 2012

As you begin your journey into optimizing your social media and Facebook footprints, it’s important to set goals and establish an itinerary to drive the most ROI possible to your business. To help you, we have developed and perfected a Facebook strategy cheat-sheet. These tips will immediately help your business optimize its Facebook marketing channel.


STAGE ONE: Facebook Strategies, Ideas, Uses

(1). Leverage your personal Facebook page to promote and drive “likes” to your business Facebook page, brand and platform. This is a social network! Use it. That means accepting strategic friend requests (i.e. potential customers, people who live in your town, someone with a lot of “mutual friends” in common, etc.), even if they’re from people you don’t know. When you increase your personal “friend count,” then the “call to action messages” you post on your personal page will be seen by more people. This is how you can grow a business Facebook page and brand quickly.


(2). Be certain you complete or fill-out every “About” field available on your Facebook business & personal pages. Include your business website address. Make sure the business e mail, phone number and street address are present and correct on your Facebook business and personal page. (Yes, you should be leveraging your personal Facebook page to promote your business, too). This information will not only help educate the marketplace, but it will help optimize your business’ efforts from an SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (search marketing optimization) standpoint as well.


(3). Make sure to include photos, videos or other visual elements with every post. Remember, a Facebook newsfeed is cluttered and busy. The artwork will help your posts standout from a crowded newsfeed.


(4). Create events and blast invitations to your community, which already is an evangelist for your business. This will strengthen your bond with your clients/customers.


(5). Facebook ads: use them if you have the budget. Facebook ads build brand awareness. Remember, the photo & headline are the two most important elements in FB ads.


STAGE TWO: Facebook Strategies, Ideas, Uses

(1). Encourage your customers to become brand evangelists for your business. This will improve brand awareness tremendously. Customer endorsements + referrals are HUGE!! In low-key, humble fashion, ask your best customers and clients to post a glowing recommendation on Facebook and other social media websites like Twitter, Yelp, Google+ and Pinterest. Remember, word-of-mouth-marketing or a referral from a friend is just as important, if not more important, than your paid marketing strategy.


(2). Your Facebook posts should be a strategic blend of “call to action” messages (i.e. there’s a sale going on today at our store), historical posts about your business that do not embody the “hard sell,” photos/descriptions of your product line or the services you provide the marketplace and, finally, posts that reflect your personality. It’s paramount that you humanize, personalize, localize and organize all your posts (see previous post: Facebook Strategy Foundations).


(3). Strongly consider designing a custom Facebook timeline cover photo that features elements of your brand’s message, philosophies, product line or services. Your business will never get a second chance to make a first impression. A sharply designed Facebook cover photo + profile pic will strategically convey your brand’s message, image, product line and philosophies in succinct, organized fashion.


Please click FACEBOOK TIMELINE for more insight on Facebook timeline branding, cover photos and how they can drive ROI for your business.


(4). On average, the Facebook Newsfeed clears every two hours. Maintain a consistent position in the Facebook newsfeed to optimize brand awareness by posting every 2-3 hours, if possible. Develop a consistent posting schedule. It’s important that your brand and message stay consistently prevalent in the Facebook newsfeed to increase visibility and drive added return on investment.


(5). Form strategic alliances with other businesses and people who have large Facebook and social media followings. Ask these businesses and people to cross-promote a “call to action” message on their Facebook page encouraging their respective followers/community to click over to your Facebook page to “like” it. Then, you do the same thing for them. Strategic alliance and cross-promotion will expedite brand growth tremendously.


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