VMV brands: Social Media & Digital Marketing 101

Posted by Jerry Miller Oct 12, 2012

We had a very successful workshop yesterday. Our three guests- Bridgewater Smith, Deborah C. Benz and Garnett Falls- were attentive and a joy to teach. We hope to have them back soon for the next series of workshops.


The focus was largely on Facebook and Twitter, explaining the usefulness of these free platforms in growing brand awareness and increasing revenue. Syncing these tools with each other is a great way to maximize their potential while minimizing time spent using them.


One thing is for sure. Our attendees will have much to consider as they formulate plans for utilizing these tools to expand their businesses beyond the boundaries that traditional media imposes. Expensive television ad spots and newspaper advertising are becoming passé as people realize the freedom they have to quickly create call-to-actions and use their customer- and fan-base to spread the word for them.


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