Establish These Facebook Foundations For Business Success

Posted by Jerry Miller Nov 6, 2012

With more than 1.1 billion people using the platform every month, Facebook marketing is a small business must! Add the emerging mobile marketplace – 610 million people use Facebook on a mobile platform every month – and you can see why Facebook is revolutionizing the small business landscape.


Before you can confidently launch and maintain your business’ Facebook marketing efforts, you should establish these “Facebook Foundations” to jump-start your success story. So, without further ado, make sure you “Establish These Facebook Foundations For Business Success!!”


Step 1: Assess Your Social & Digital Brand

(1). Who are you trying to reach?
(2). Where are you trying to reach them?
(3). How are you trying to reach them?
(4). What message will put in front of them when you make contact?
(5). Go All In! You cannot do this halfway because the marketplace is too smart.


Step 2: Understand The Power & Possibilities

(1). Facebook is word-of-mouth marketing amplified.
(2). As business owner, you manage/own your respective community. Think about the potential & power.
(3). Target potential customers on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Think about that! If you can do No. 3 successfully, you can reach your potential customers 24/7, 365, which will drive incremental revenue immediately!
(4). Save money and time on traditional marketing. That means your business is not spending as much money with radio, TV, print. This will translate into short-savings and long-term revenue windfalls.
(5). You are able to respond to customers in real time. As a business owner, that’s HUGE! That means you can squash any budding trouble; respond to favorably to positive feedback; find new sales leads to generate incremental revenue and so much more!


Step 3: Know The Numbers

(1). 1.1 billion people use Facebook every month.
(2). 600 million people use Facebook every day.
(3). 610 million people use Facebook on a mobile device each month.
(4). Facebook is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: FB).
(5). Among other social platforms and “sharing” applications, Facebook owns Instagram, which it purchased for approximately $1 billion in cash & stock in April 2012.


Step 4: Facebook Behavior, Habits, Etiquette & Conduct

(1). Humanize, personalize, localize & organize your business message.
(2). Establish a voice and tone. Stick with it. Be consistent.
(3). Establish a posting schedule. Stick with it. Be consistent.
(4). Be social. Don’t just post on your platforms/brands. Interact with other brands/platforms and share information, knowledge, calendar events.
(5). Don’t post political commentary. Stay away from religion. Tread lightly when posting about some current events.


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