vmv brands: Social Media Helping Push Today’s Youth To The Polls

Posted by Jerry Miller Oct 30, 2012

Young people today are being reminded now more than ever how important it is to vote. Facebook and other social media platforms have a great deal to do with this because the 18-22 voting demographic sees political messages with increased frequency through its social media network.


As annoying as the political rhetoric may be, the “reminder to vote” is ever-present through social media expression, which likely influences and reminds the 18-22 age demo to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Because the 18-22 age demo uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for its daily news and pleasure intake, the strategic positioning of politically slanted rhetoric likely sways and reminds some youth to vote. From party advertisements, to sponsored posts, and personal endorsements from friends and family, the next political meme is never far away. The smart politicians know this.


Whether voters are any more informed on the issues is an entirely different matter and beyond the scope of this discussion. However, it could be argued that today’s voters are certainly no less informed than those who voted prior to any social media phenomenons and/or digital revolutions. Misinformation has always been and will always be prevalent as long as there are politicians and spin-doctors seeking office and manipulating media outlets. Although, today’s information and misinformation travels much faster through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. than in past decades with print, radio and television distribution.


Today’s content distribution networks (a.k.a. any social media platform) are outlets to voice political perspective and propaganda. Since this is being done with such frequency and visibility by both political strategists and laymen alike, it is indirectly building brand awareness and serving as a “reminder to vote” among the younger voting demographic.


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