vmv brands: Use Facebook Timelines To Optimize Your Brand

Posted by Jerry Miller Oct 31, 2012

As a full-service advertising and solutions agency, part of our job is helping our clients grow brand awareness to help capture valuable market-share and drive incremental revenue. One way we maximize brand awareness is through designing and executing an optimized Facebook timeline, specifically the cover photo + profile picture. A sharply designed Facebook cover photo + profile pic will strategically convey your brand’s message, image, product line and philosophies.


The first thing a potential or current customer sees when they open your Facebook page is your timeline and profile pic. In many circumstances, these branding elements are not leveraged or utilized at all. The Facebook timeline is your company’s first – and possibly its last – chance to impress clients and tilt market-share in its favor. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is especially true in the ever-competitive business world. Through a strategic design + execution, your company has an opportunity to hook new business and convey the company message.


Your Facebook timeline/page should intelligently convey your brand identity and brand tenets. Give your customer base a taste of what you have to offer and make them hungry for more. A good way to do this is through Facebook timeline branding (see the montages on this page). We take elements of your best work, and we put it on display to attract new business over and over again!


The last thing you want is to lose a customer when they see your Facebook page in branding disarray. Do yourself a favor and make sure the first impression knocks them dead. Do yourself a favor and make sure your Facebook page reflects the passion, energy and commitment you allocate to your business everyday!


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