VMV Brands President Gives Keynote to Virginia Business Owners

Posted by Jerry Miller Oct 29, 2012

Jerry Miller, president of VMV Brands, a full-service advertising and solutions agency based in Charlottesville, VA, was honored to be the Keynote speaker at the 2012 Virginia Business Owners Association banquet held at City Space in downtown Charlottesville.


With more than 100 business owners and entrepreneurs in attendance to hear Miller speak, VMV Brands was again well represented as the Commonwealth’s top strategy and implementation services agency. VMV Brands strategically partners with businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, non-profits & real estate investors looking to fully optimize the internet, digital platforms and traditional media infrastructures.


Here is a VIDEO portion of the speech, Strategies To Drive Revenue With Social Media! The entire presentation can be found in four parts on our Speaking Engagements page.


VMV Brands is a full-service advertising and strategic solutions agency based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are six people strong today and growing very quickly. If you would like to join our innovative team, send us an email with your resume – Contact[at]vmvbrands[dot]com.


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