vmv brands: Social Media Horror Stories Start Here

Posted by Jerry Miller Oct 19, 2012

As far as social media horror stories are concerned, there are a few gateways that ignite disaster. When managing your personal or business brand, avoid these pitfalls at all cost.


We tell our clients and our students who attend our ‘Social Media & Digital Marketing’ workshops that there are three main taboos when interacting through social media.


1) No drinking & posting. This isn’t to say don’t drink, but if you are out drinking, don’t take photos of yourself doing keg-stands and post them on Facebook and don’t Tweet about how ‘totally trashed you are’. Remember – In today’s social media age, EVERYONE is watching! Protect your personal and business brands 24/7.


2) No politics. We know you feel strongly about your favorite political party, politician, cause, etc… Just remember that on average there are as many people who agree with you as disagree. Don’t post incendiary political commentary because half of your readers will hate it!! This will negatively impact your personal and business brands.


3) No religion. Go out and have arguments with your real friends about religion. The 95% of your Facebook friends who “digitally know” you will likely be turned off even if they agree with you. Religion and social media often lead to epic disasters.


Remember, your personal brand is unavoidably linked to your business brand. Keep that in mind when using social media platforms. For some other handy social media rules check out this article from Mashable.com.


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