VMV Brands Launches Charlottesville Restaurant Week!

Posted by Jerry Miller Dec 21, 2012

We at VMV Brands are excited to be launching Charlottesville Restaurant Week. The hard work and long hours have paid off, the website is up and running and we are moving ahead full tilt.


Jerry Miller, our President, has been working without pause. He has organized the event, brought restaurants into the fold and overseen the many aspects of this grand undertaking. He has partnered us with the Virginia Institute of Autism, making this a truly worthy cause.


Our project Manager, Judah Witkower, has been doing an admirable job, as well, turning out the many creative elements involved. He has made the Charlottesville Restaurant Week website a labor of love, and we think it shows.


Additionally, Jenn Finazzo has been vital to the project. From video production to liaising with the printer to promotion, we would have been lost without her able assistance.


As we pause, however briefly, for the holidays, and move on into the new year, we hope that you will take the time to check out the website and start making plans to patronize your favorite restaurants where you’ll get a great meal at a great price and help support the Virginia Institute of Autism.


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