VMV Brands Launches Tin Whistle Irish Pub

Posted by Jerry Miller Oct 30, 2014

final reverseVMV Brands has really enjoyed bringing Tin Whistle Irish Pub to fruition, from conception to Grand Opening and beyond.


It all started with an idea for a new Irish pub here in Charlottesville. The owners came to us with the idea, and we were off. First came the name, and we brainstormed ideas that would really make this a unique place in town.


Once the name was chosen, we started work on a logo that would capture the spirit of Tin Whistle Irish Pub. From there, we designed the website and mobile element, set up their social media and began a campaign of photography to use on all of their media platforms.


The culmination of all our hard work was a pre-opening party that featured 106.1 FM & a release party for The Lone Rangers, followed closely by a hugely successful Grand Opening. We are proud to be a part of the success of Tin Whistle, and are happy to be continuing the relationship as we run their traditional and social media campaigns.


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