The Pleasures Of Advertising!

Posted by Jerry Miller Sep 10, 2014

Anja of FIG Bistro & Bar

Anja of FIG Bistro & Bar

There are many joys to working in the advertising business. Among those is the chance to work with some truly dynamic people, getting the chance to shape brands and getting behind the lens to document it all.


In the last few months VMV Brands has been fortunate to work with Charlottesville’s brightest stars. Intrastate Pest & Service Co’s, commonwealthSKYBAR and commonwealthRESERVE, Michael’s Bistro, Scott Wagner Chiropractic, FIG Bistro & Bar and Just Curry are only a few of the big CVille names we’ve had a chance to work with and photograph.


For a look at more of the exciting work we have been a part of, take a look at CVille Photo & Video, where you can find albums of Michael’s Bistro photography, the food and drink of Fellini’s #9, as well as some of the videos we have created for local businesses.


For contact information on our Photography and Videography services, visit the CVille Photo & Video Contact page.


Oktoberfest at Michael's Bistro!

Oktoberfest at Michael’s Bistro!


Delicious curry from Just Curry!

Delicious curry from Just Curry!


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