Tenacious Threads Re-Branded As The Charlottesville Store

Posted by Jerry Miller Mar 22, 2013

At vmv brands, we love creating and executing strategic marketing solutions for our clients so they can quickly grow business revenues. It is such a rush to help our clients post incremental revenue on their balance sheets because we know how hard they are working everyday.
While our clients and partners ARE ALWAYS OUR TOP PRIORITY, we love growing our “in-house” brands as well. We often find inspiration & get new marketing ideas from growing our in-house brands. Then, we quickly implement these ideas into our clients’ marketing strategies.
Here’s a good example:
After much thought and deliberation, we recently chose to re-brand Tenacious Threads, LLC (one of our in-house brands) to The Charlottesville Store or The CVille Store for short. We made this move for a few reasons:
(1). We wanted a brand or moniker that did a better job of reflecting our product line.
(2). By re-branding to The Charlottesville Store, the marketplace is able to immediately identify our local ties to the community we love so much.
(3). The Charlottesville Store moniker is much easier to optimize from a search engine standpoint.
(4). The Charlottesville Store brand is much easier to market across social & traditional media marketing channels.
(5). Our team members seem to really enjoy working for The Charlottesville Store. There seems to be a greater sense of pride or ownership because of the strong local ties embodied within the brand identity.
Since re-dubbing our in-house brand The Charlottesville Store, we have received glowing feedback about the new brand from our customers. We have also enjoyed a nice spike in sales (that’s always nice, right?!?!) since implementing the re-branding strategy.
Now, our team at vmv brands, a full-service advertising and solutions agency, is even better equipped to offer strategic counsel to clients who are looking to re-brand or re-invigorate or even launch their business. We can offer strategic counsel from a first-hand perspective, which is always the most valuable!
For more insight on the re-branding, please read this excerpt from The Charlottesville Store:
“Locally-owned & operated, The Charlottesville Store is a small design outfit located on the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. We started this design shop initially as Tenacious Threads, LLC and hoped to show the world (Yes, the world!) our designs. We realized very quickly that our hearts, our families, our friends and our futures were right here in Charlottesville. At that point, it dawned upon us – it was Charlottesville that was inspiring us to conceive, nurture and create these designs and watch them come to life in real time. It’s a rush to see our designs in-person around the University of Virginia or The Downtown Mall or The Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s truly an awesome feeling! These emotions are why we re-dubbed Tenacious Threads as The Charlottesville Store in March, 2013.
The Charlottesville Store will feature designs, clothing & items that are inspired by the best city in the world – Charlottesville, Virginia. We hope you enjoy them!”

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