On Location And Behind The Scenes At Fry’s Spring Station!

Posted by Jerry Miller Aug 29, 2017

I love what Prakash R. Kamath​, Ben Thompson​ and Tommy Lasley have done with Fry’s Spring Station​. This team, which also owns Ivy Provisions​ and the recently purchased Shadwells Restaurant​ on Pantops, has done a tremendous job at revamping the Fry’s menu, making it more approachable, affordable and appetizing than ever!
Fry’s serves some of THE BEST pizza in Charlottesville (I suggest the “Flying Finocchio Pizza”) and offers a Monday – Friday Happy Hour that is as long as any (3 pm – 7 pm) in CVille!
Chef Ben Thompson is a CIA graduate and Navy Veteran who was born in Sweden and raised in Colorado. He feels just as comfortable in a submarine kitchen as he does in a Michelin star kitchen in Napa! Ben is a firm believer in honest, approachable food being the fuel that makes the world go round. He makes rice and beans so good your Mama will slap YOU!
Chef Tommy Lasley is also a CIA graduate, a classmate of Ben Thompson and an alumnus of Blue Hill. Tommy moved here from North Carolina and has an alter ego named Vikram that is a retired semi-pro bowler. His favorite movie is Fried Green Tomatoes, he enjoys cultivating his beard, eats 16-hour days for lunch, hasn’t met a fire he doesn’t like and genuinely loves making those around him happy!
While not a chef, PK Kamath is an avid consumer of food and cold drinks and has paid many a bar tab by washing dishes. He was such a terrible (but hospitable) server, he would make huge tips because people felt sorry for him! PK was crazy enough to leave a 20-year career in commercial real estate to get into the restaurant business full-time in order to expand his horizons (and waistline).
Learn more about Fry’s Spring Station by clicking: http://charlottesville.scoutology.com/13-reasons-to-try-frys-spring-stations-new-menu/

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