On Location And Behind The Scenes At BARRE.[D] Studio

Posted by Jerry Miller Aug 30, 2017


Hanna Dobbels-McCarthy is an absolute rockstar entrepreneur!! Hanna is the owner and lead instructor of barre.d studio., an awesome studio on Water Street that teaches a form of barre fitness combining strength, balance, a healthy mindset, focus and stretching. Following a few years of developing this instruction, Hanna copyrighted the method and is now teaching it to passionate people who she fondly refers to as “The Barre Tribe!” The barre.[d] method is beneficial for any body type and the workouts are both engaging and challenging.
Hanna is also a barre consultant. She has produced more than 52 barre babes in just over two years. She has helped five studios open and has consulted with eight fitness entrepreneurs on their branding, marketing and overall business implementations.
Not only is Hanna a kick-ass business owner, she is also currently pursuing her MBA at the UVA Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.
I am so impressed with Hanna’s energy, confidence, business acumen, courage and her willingness to take strategic risks. She without question embodies the entrepreneurial spirt that makes the United States the best country in the world. Keep crushing it, Hanna Dobbels-McCarthy! You rock!!
Learn More: http://charlottesville.scoutology.com/13-reasons-to-join-the-barre-d-studio-on-water-street/

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