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Posted by Jerry Miller Jan 10, 2012

Featuring a comprehensive, patent-pending solution to the common problem of Onychomycosis, NovoNail Restoration Center approached our team and asked us to conceive, create and execute a social media marketing campaign that raised awareness for Onychomycosis, while spotlighting the NovoNail Restoration Center solution.


This campaign leveraged social media marketing platforms, strategically placed social media advertisements and the cultivation of relationships with hand-picked, influential bloggers that report within the Onychomycosis sector.


As many as 35 million around the world live with Onychomycosis or toenail fungus, which is unsightly, embarrassing and often painful if not treated.


With restoration centers located in Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; Charlottesville, Virginia and Newport News, Virginia – soon, across the United States – NovoNail is quickly building countrywide traction and momentum to appeal to the 35 million people who struggle with toenail fungus everyday.


Our team successfully offered our social media marketing and brand growth expertise to the NovoNail executive team.


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