My 9 Steps For Building A Brand And Business Across Social Media!

Posted by Jerry Miller Sep 27, 2017


Building, growing and managing a social media brand and community is a daunting task. There are so many social platforms available (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Podcasts, VLogs, etc). Knowing where and how to start is an important aspect for building your brand and business on social media.
As a result, I have compiled “My 9 Steps For Building A Brand And Business Across Social Media!”
In this video feature, you will learn how my companies have developed the largest social media followings in our market. You will also learn how we are monetizing social media to drive incremental revenue, more customers and enhanced brand awareness for ourselves and for our clients.
“My 9 Steps For Building A Brand And Business Across Social Media!”
(1). Just do it. Launch your branded social media pages. Get over your paralysis of analysis and launch your damn page already!
(2). Create compelling and authentic content that originates on a dynamic mobile and desktop responsive website. The content you create should offer value. The more valuable your content, the more likely people will engage with it and share it with their social community.
(3). Syndicate and distribute your compelling and authentic content across as many social media channels as possible. Your content should be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Podcasts, Vlogs, Blogs, E-Newsletters, etc. The more channels, the more likely people (clients and customers) will see it.
(4). Create a brand specific hashtag for your content (i.e. #iLoveCVille). A brand specific hashtag will categorize your content so its easy to find, search and engage with.
(5). Form strategic partnerships with influencers who have large social media followings. Influencers are people like me who can reach a lot of people (I can reach 238,000+ people in Charlottesville/Central Virginia, 3,700,000 people across the state of Virginia and almost 7,000,000 people worldwide whenever I want).
(6). Spotlight and feature other people from your field in your compelling and authentic content. These people will then help build your brand by sharing your content in front of their social community. These people will also add credibility to your content because they are leaders in their field.
(7). Create a content schedule. At a minimum, you should be creating 5-7 new and authentic pieces of content per week. That’s a bare minimum. I’m winning in business, in part, because I am creating 3-5 new and authentic pieces of content PER DAY. If I create 3-5 new and authentic pieces of content per day, and my competition creates 5-7 new and authentic pieces of content per week, who do you think will win the war?!?!
(8). Leverage your personal brand/community to build and grow your brand. When you first launch your brand/business on social media, your personal community will have a greater reach than your business community because your personal community has been around longer. You must leverage your personal following to jump start your business/brand. Remember, you are the “Face of the Franchise!” Act like it by leveraging your personal social pages to promote your brand and business.
(9). Do not be afraid to “boost” your posts across social media. When you “boost” your post on Facebook or create a “sponsored” story on Instagram, you are increasing the amplification (a.k.a. the reach) of your content. “Boosted” posts will be seen by a lot more people than non boosted posts. You would be surprised what a $20 boost can do for a piece of authentic content!! I’m talking thousands of people will see your authentic content through a boosted post.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Remember, your mobile and desktop websites are where it all starts for building and growing your brand/business. Your mobile and desktop websites must be dynamic, responsive, efficient and easy to use. You must have an efficient CMS (content management system) to quickly and easily originate compelling and authentic content for your brand or business.
If you do not have a dynamic and responsive mobile and desktop website, then contact an advertising and branding agency like mine to make this happen. We are happy to help you!
Good luck, friends. I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial journey!

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