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Posted by Jerry Miller Jul 23, 2012

A private coeducational institution founded in 1903, Lynchburg College offers distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs that reflect its commitment to teaching, scholarship, and service to the greater community.


Lynchburg College’s mission is to develop students who have strong character and balanced perspectives, to prepare them for intelligent and wholehearted participation in a global society and for effective leadership in the civic, professional, spiritual, and social dimensions of life.


Lynchburg College provides students with a wide range of rigorous educational experiences that are grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, enhanced by professional studies, and nurtured by a residential community. The College serves the region through its outreach programs, cultural opportunities, resources, services, and the expertise of faculty, staff, and students.


Jerry Miller, the president of VMV brands, was invited to be a keynote speaker at Lynchburg College, where he lectured before the school’s senior faculty on the power of social media and digital marketing.


In this two-hour lecture, Miller executed a power point presentation on how Lynchburg College could leverage social media science and digital marketing strategies to raise brand awareness and drive student enrollment.


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