Jacie Dunkle Recommends VMV Brands

Posted by Jerry Miller Apr 27, 2019

“I currently own three restaurants and I have used VMV Brands for all three. When I approached them to help me advertise Fellini’s #9, I had been open for a number of years and needed a marketing boost. They came in, did an amazing job at getting the ‘word out’ about our new menu items and other promotions we were running. They came and took pictures of our food and highlighted our menu and drink specials. This resulted in an increase in business. I know this because people would ask for the food items that had been featured.


“When I opened my second restaurant, The Tin Whistle Irish Pub, I started with VMV Brands at the very beginning. They designed my web page, posted pictures, did promotions for my opening and consistently updated pictures and information and Scoutology listings for us.


“I hired them for my third restaurant, The Salad Maker, to develop a marketing plan and to come up with the restaurant name and logo. It’s been great for me to have all this available to me with just a few meetings with the VMV Brands crew.


“They are approachable, easy to work with and always available. They truly listened to my needs, concerns and always did what I asked. They have focus groups they use frequently to find out what’s new and trending. They keep up with all of that and with social networking.


“So, for me, a person who is not very ‘tech savvy’, it was the best investment I could make.


“I highly recommend them for any business that needs help with marketing and PR. They do a great job.”


~ Jacie Dunkle


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