From Starving Artist, To Successful Jewelry Designer, Lynne Goldman Embodies The American Dream In Charlottesville, Virginia!

Posted by Jerry Miller May 9, 2018


407 East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902
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Many entrepreneurs have an “aha moment” when they realize they may have a successful business on the horizon. This was absolutely the case for the fabulous Lynne Goldman, the artist, designer and entrepreneur behind Lynne Goldman Elements on The Charlottesville Downtown Mall.
For more than 30 years, Lynne has successfully operated her jewelry business in Charlottesville. However, her entrepreneurial journey has not always been an easy one.
“I was not an entrepreneur before I started my business,” Lynne remembered. “I was an artist. I wanted to paint. I was shy.”
Lynne’s luck started to change when she moved to Charlottesville in 1987.
“I could see that women really responded to the [jewelry] I made,” Lynne said.
As a result, Lynne decided to start selling. This was her “aha moment.”
So, what did she do?
She grabbed a fold-out table, positioned it on The Downtown Mall, put her heart on the line and began selling her jewelry under the hot summer sun. In fact, she even shared that fold-out table with a friend who was selling cookies and other sweets at the time.
“The rest is history,” Lynne said with a smile.
I freakin’ LOVE entrepreneurial stories like this!!
Without question, the odds were stacked against Lynne (80% of small businesses fail in their first three years). However, Lynne was fearless, creative, hard-working and certainly bubbling with the chutzpah we all see today.
Lynne, you are truly an inspiration. You are truly the American Dream. You are truly an asset to Charlottesville. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!

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