Facebook overhauls insights; Admins Read this!

Posted by Jerry Miller Jun 1, 2012

If you are an administrator or page owner on Facebook, then you are likely thinking, “Man, Facebook went through another freakin’ overhaul with their insights!” Well, we know the feeling, too. This time, we are embracing the overhaul with absolutely open arms. The new Facebook insights and metrics will educate and empower admins and page owners. Here’s why:


The new changes empower page owners with so much statistical information on who is using their page. Basically, the new metrics give admins and page owners the data they need to optimize their posts and ensure the highest level of post engagement. In this regard, post engagement is translated as “likes,” “comments,” “shares,” etc.


This means, as admins and page owners, we will know what is the best time to post; what is the best language or verbiage to include within each post to drive more engagement; how often we should post before we polarize or overwhelm our communities and much more.


Considering these insights and metrics are provided for free by Facebook, admins and page owners have even more resources to quickly optimize their pages. Now, thanks to the overhauled metrics, admins and page owners can repeat the social strategy techniques that work well because they know why they work well. That also means that admins and page owners will learn what they are doing wrong by assessing the metrics and seeing which posts have little to no engagement.


Finally, as marketers and advertisers become more in-tune with the new Facebook insights and metrics, we project major companies all the way down to the little, local storefronts will focus more on engaging users – look at the “Are Talking About This” metric on your page – rather than trying to accumulate “likes” on their page. Frankly, we think this is a great move. We would rather have a smaller, engaged and active community rather than a larger, passive community.


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This entry was written by Jerry Miller, the founder and president of Virginia Media Ventures, LLC


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