Facebook fans are 291% more likely to engage with a brand

Posted by Jerry Miller Jul 1, 2012

As a business owner, are you on the fence or uncertain of the “true” value of social media marketing? Well, jump on over it and beeline directly to social media marketing. According to AdAage, Facebook “fans” are 291% MORE LIKELY to engage with a business brand than non-fans. Wow!!!


In this economy, every single dollar counts for the small business owner. Why are you continuing to dump money into traditional media? By now you know the drill – television, radio and print are not only very expensive, but also very difficult to measure results and track new customer conversions.


Now, how about we consider the true value of social media marketing. Not only is social media marketing cost effective, hyper-targeted, but it also yields impressive revenue results – the kind that should be apart of your market cache.


According to SocialCode, a social media agency with an impeccable reputation, a Facebook fan not only has tremendous value but also leads directly to revenue. SocialCode has calculated that each Facebook “fan” is worth $10 in revenue! Folks, that statistic should speak for itself! Again, jump over the fence and beeline directly to social media marketing.


Read the full AdAge story by clicking SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IS A MUST.


Okay. Okay. You may need more evidence to persuade you. Well, try this on for size?


“This research makes the value of a [Facebook] fan obvious, with quality fans converting at more than 500% in some instances,” said Laura O’Shaughnessy, CEO of SocialCode, which is owned by the Washington Post Company.


Here you have a top-level executive from a company owned by a print juggernaut (Washington Post Company) clearly stating the overwhelming value of social media marketing.


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This entry was written by Jerry Miller, the founder and president of Virginia Media Ventures, LLC


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