CVille Shopping Week Raises Over $2,400 For SPCA

Posted by Jerry Miller Aug 18, 2013

Charlottesville’s most distinguished retail owners presented the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA with a donation of over $2,400 from the inaugural CVille Shopping Week, a celebration of stores and boutiques that rallied together to benefit a local charity. The donation has been ear-marked for the CVille/Albemarle SPCA’s dental care program.


“It was such an amazing event! We are already hearing so much buzz from store owners and charities about doing the event again,” said Jerry Miller, the founder of CVille Shopping Week and the president of vmv brands. “CVille Shopping Week epitomizes everything that’s wonderful about Charlottesville. The community worked in unison to achieve an established goal. We were able to stimulate the Charlottesville economy during the month of July, which is a slower retail sales period because many families are out of town on vacation. At the same time, we raised more than $2,400 for an awesome local charity. It truly was win-win for everyone.”


In total, eight locally-owned and operated retail stores/boutiques and 14 businesses all together participated in the event. The stores/boutiques included: Shenanigans Toy Store, Ragged Mountain Running Shop, The Virginia Shop, The Happy Cook, The CVille Store, Sustain, Folly Home Furnishings and La Libellule.


vmv brands, a Charlottesville based advertising and solutions agency, created and launched CVille Shopping Week. Monticello Media, a privately owned company that manages five radio stations in Central Virginia, was a presenting sponsor.


In February, vmv brands raised $9,096 for the Virginia Institute of Autism through Charlottesville Restaurant Week, which generated more than $300,000 in gross revenues across the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and Madison County.


vmv brands has quickly established itself as a prominent advertising agency in Virginia. Its vast and influential media network reaches 46,000+ people across The Commonwealth. Some of its brands and media platforms include: I Love CVille, CVille Food, Virginia Wine Life, CVille Bars, CVille Shopping Week, The CVille Makeover Project and CVille Photo & Video.


“At vmv brands, we make an effort to improve our community through our marketing strategies. We call this approach, ‘social entrepreneurialism,’” Miller explained. “Successful social entrepreneurs create businesses that improve communities. That’s what we are trying to do at vmv brands. We will continue to conceive and execute altruistic strategies that leave our community in a better place.”


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