If Content Is King, Then Conversation Is Queen

Posted by Jerry Miller Jan 9, 2013

If content is king, then conversation is queen.
Creating compelling content is the best way to capture your customers’ attention when using social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare and Pinterest to promote your business. Be sure to create content that offers real intrinsic value. This value will keep your customers returning for more. In other words, this content is the bait on your metaphorical hook.
As soon as your customers start interacting (“liking,” “sharing,” “posting,” “re-tweeting,” etc.) with the compelling content you just created, then it’s time to start the conversation that will transform your customers into evangelists for your business.
You can start the conversation by responding to your customers’ posts and comments on social media platforms. I suggest responding to these posts, tweets and comments immediately (within 1 hour). You could also pose an open-ended question to generate even more interaction. Your goal is to transform the initial interaction into a legit conversation that takes place on your branded social media platform or website. This conversation could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!
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