Balkan Bistro | Social Media + Brand Growth

Posted by Jerry Miller Jun 29, 2011

A brand new, high-end restaurant in Charlottesville, Va, Balkan Bistro & Bar approached our team and asked for help in raising awareness, attracting new customers and driving incremental revenue as quickly as possible.


Our team conceived, created and executed a strategic approach that leveraged social media, traditional media, guerrilla marketing and street team marketing to build a customer base for the Balkan Bistro & Bar.


Our team also encouraged the Balkan Bistro & Bar to tell their “story” as a means to increase their customer base. The owners of the Balkan Bistro & Bar began their voyage into the food sector in 2006 by selling pastries, pies and breads inspired from their Balkan Peninsula homeland at the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market. Eventually, as they started growing their brand and gaining a following, a bakery followed (Balkan Bakery on Water Street) in 2009. Then, in 2011, the Balkan Bistro & Bar was born.


Our team leveraged and utilized the platforms we already own – CVille Food, CVille Bars, CVille Pizza, Virginia Wine Life, CVille Music and – to raise awareness for Balkan Bistro & Bar. The enhanced awareness translated into first-time customers and more revenue for Balkan Bistro & Bar.


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