Bailey Printing | Web Development + Social Media

Posted by Jerry Miller Feb 6, 2012

A printing company that has successfully served Charlottesville and Central Virginia for more than 60 years, Bailey Printing, Inc has built its reputation on excellent service, attention to detail, tremendous customer support and competitive pricing. Customers visit Bailey Printing, Inc because the staff is well-versed and well-educated in the printing sector.


Our team was presented the opportunity of growing the Bailey Printing, Inc brand through strategic social media marketing efforts and techniques. Furthermore, we custom designed and developed brand new digital infrastructure for Bailey Printing Inc, including its company website, Facebook page and Twitter page.


To complete this project, we conceived, created, designed and executed a premium website that will appeal to today’s digitally-equipped and digitally-educated consumers.


Our team successfully grew the Bailey Printing, Inc social media follow, raised its brand awareness, increased its customer base and drove new revenue to its bottom line.


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