Animal Connection: Pattie’s Tips For Your Pet’s Paw & Nail Care!

Posted by Jerry Miller Sep 27, 2017

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1. Keep your pet’s nails short to allow for proper hip and joint alignment.


2. Trim nails each week, if possible.


3. If the pavement is too hot to touch, then don’t let your pets walk on it.


4. In the summer and winter months, keep your pet’s paws well moisturized.


5. Clean your pet’s feet each time your pet goes outside in the snow. Remove the snow and the ice that may have lodged between your pet’s toes as well as any salt and chemicals.


6. Trim the hair in between your dogs toes. This will help prevent slipping and falling with your pet.


7. Treat a cut on your pet’s pad with an aloe-based product like “Herbal Skin Relief” or a blended product called “Purification.” This will help prevent an infection.


8. Discuss the proper tips on nail and paw care with the experts at Animal Connection.

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