Testimonial: Meg Zakin, One Meatball Place

Posted by Jerry Miller Apr 16, 2013

We have enjoyed many rewarding partnerships over the years at vmv brands. One of the latest has been with One Meatball Place, a fantastic new eatery located in Midtown CVille.
Our Work for One Meatball Place: Brand Strategy; Brand Development; Website Design + Development; Social Media Marketing; Digital Strategy; Strategic Analysis. Website: www.OneMeatballPlace.com
“vmv brands and Jerry Miller have done an excellent job of creating and executing a comprehensive program to advertise and promote our new restaurant, One Meatball Place to the Charlottesville community. The plan has included the development of a website, enhancement of our Facebook page, a video and various social media promotional efforts. Jerry truly understands the restaurant business and has been an adviser to us in ways that go beyond our advertising and promotional efforts. He is also a real brand champion who goes out of his way to personally support your business when he believes in your product concept. Jerry is a professional with deep skills in the social media arena and is someone who can help you build your business using this media.”
Meg Zakin, Owner, One Meatball Place
Thank you so much, Meg Zakin! Your satisfaction was our priority. All of us really enjoyed working with One Meatball Place as well! For more information on what we do at vmv brands, please click VMV BRANDS SERVICES or visit CVILLE LOVE to see some of our content marketing strategies in-action.
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